Consulate General of Russia 2018 & 2019
Consular Section Closure Schedules

A current and comprehensive directory listing of all Official Holidays & Scheduled Closings for the Embassies of Russia & Russian Consulates located in the United States.

2018-2019 Holidays Calendar & Closures Schedule: 
Embassy of Russia & Russian Consulates
in the United States

The following is the list of Closure Dates & Holidays to be observed in the U.S. by the Consulate General of the Russian Federation during the calendar years of  2018 & 2019:


Jan 1st-8th Mon-Mon: New Year's Holiday's
Feb 23rd Fr:  Day of Fatherland Defender
Mar 8th Thur: International Women's Day
Mar 30th Fri:  Good Friday
Apr 30th Mon: Spring/Labour Day (Observed)
May 1st Tues: Spring/Labour Day (Actual)
May 9 Wed: Russia Victory Day
Jun 11 Mon: Russia Day (Observed)
Jun 12 Tues: Russia Day (Actual)
Nov 4th Sun: Day of National Unity (Actual)
Nov 5th Mon: Day of National Unity (Observed)
Nov 22nd Thur:  Thanksgiving
Dec 24th-25th Mon/Tues: Christmas


Jan 1st-8th Tues-Tues:  New Year's Holiday's
Feb 23rd Sat: Day of Fatherland Defender (Actual)
Feb 25th Mon: Day of Fatherland Defender (Observed)
Mar 8th Fri: International Women's Day
Apr 19th Fri:  Good Friday
May 1st Wed: Spring/Labour Day (Actual)
May 2nd-3rd Thur-Fri Spring/Labour (Observed)
May 9 Thur: Russia Victory Day
Jun 12 Wed: Russia Day
Nov 4th Mon: Day of National Unity
Nov 28th Thur:  Thanksgiving
Dec 24th-25th Tues/Wed: Christmas 


Jan 1st-8th Wed-Wed:  New Year's Holiday's 


Embassy of the Russian Federation in Washington DC
2641 Tunlaw Rd NW
Washington, DC 20007 USA

If you are having an Russian visa application or any other legal documents submitted through the Embassy of Russia or an Russian Consulate location, you need to know the dates of closures & holidays. To accurately calculate processing time and know what dates are available for dropping off and picking up your documents or Russian visa application, UVC has you covered with a comprehensive up to date calendar of closure dates and holidays for the Embassy of Russia as well as all of the Russian Consulates located in the United States.


New Year's Day in Russia is one of the most favorite holidays of the Russian people. On the New Year's Eve, Russians celebrate by decorating fir-trees and hiding presents under them similarly to our Christmas Eve in the U.S. They also have fireworks displays and enjoy large delicious meals customarily surrounded by family and friends. Also, like our Santa Claus, a central part of this Russian holiday is Father Frost and his granddaughter "Snegurochka" (a snow girl). This holiday was proclaimed by order of Peter the Great in the year 1700. Most Russians nowadays celebrate the coming of the New Year twice;  on January 1st and January 14th (January 14th corresponds to January 1st on the Julian calendar which was used in Russia prior to 1918.

Orthodox Christmas for Russians is the holiday of waiting for miracles and is a unique blend of both christian & folk customs & traditions. From January 7th till the 19th of January is the best period for telling fortunes, as it is the Saint Christmas week. People have fun dressing up in fancy clothes and traveling from one home to another asking for favors. During Christmas holidays people customarily try to do good deeds and try and be kinder and more spiritual.

Defender of the Motherland Day, which is also known Army Day or Men's Day, is a tribute to the many generations of Russian soldiers from the ancient times till modern days who courageously defended the Russian Motherland from foreign invaders. On this day the entire male population, from young boys to old men, receive special treatment and gifts. During this time, women customarily convey their warmest and kindest feelings to the loved ones and to indulge them with extra attention and affection.

Spring and Labor Celebration began on May 1st 1886 when the workers in Chicago went on strike and demanded that the workday be cut from a grueling 15 hours down to a more livable 8 hours. In Russia this holiday has been celebrated since May 1st 1890 as International Workers' Solidarity Day. The name was officially changed in Russia to Spring and Labor Celebration in 1997.

Victory Day is considered to be one of the most sacred holidays for the Russian people. On this day the people of Russia honor the millions of their Russian countrymen fought and died during World War II. Traditionally, flowers and wreaths are laid on the grave sites of the fallen. Veterans proudly walk the streets wearing their military decorations and medals. The entire nation pays solemn tribute during this time in remembrance of the eternal sacrifice that ensured the future of the Russian nation and its people.

Russia Day is considered to be the official Russian National Holiday. It celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation in 1991 which drastically changed & shaped the future of Russia.

Civil Unity Day is a more recently adopted holiday in Russia which honors the liberation of Moscow on November 4th 1612 from Polish invaders. It is considered a critical point in Russian history when the Poland army was defeated by a people's army formed from individuals from all classes of Russian society.

International Women’s Day is a day each year when the world celebrates, recognizes and remembers women and the myriad of accomplishments they have made to society throughout time. In 1910 the International Women’s Congress in Copenhagen proclaimed this date as International Women’s Day to be observed annually. In 1977, the United Nations officially declared March 8th as International Women’s Day. In Russia it has been celebrated since 1913 and is now also treated as the first spring holiday as well as a day to express love and respect for Russian women and women all over the world.

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