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Proof of Citizenship Requirements for Replacing a Damaged US Passport

Long Form US Birth Certificate: When submitting a DS-11 Damaged passport application you must provide a birth certificate or naturalization certificate as documents proving your status as a citizen of the United States.Evidence of your current status as a legal citizen of the United States of America. This document must be original or certified; copies will not be accepted. This document will be returned to you with your replacement passport.

Submit one of the following original documents:

  • Long Form birth certificate; OR
  • Expired United States passport; OR 
  • Naturalization Certificate
Photo Requirements for Replacing a Damaged US Passport

Passport Photo: All DS-11 Damaged US Passport Replacement Applications must be submitted with a photo that meets US Passport Agency and US Department of State standards.

Two recent (not older than 90 days) 2 x 2 passport photographs must be submitted with your Replacement Passport Application and should be:

  • in color & not blurry.
  • front view with body completely facing forward.
  • on a plain white background.
  • with no glasses or head wear.
  • taken at a reputable facility (Walgreen’s, CVS, or Fed Ex).


DS-11 Damaged Passport Replacement Application Form Instructions

DS-11 Passport Application Form: A Completed & Signed DS-11 US Passport Application Form is required to Replace a United States Passport that has been Damaged.

Complete and print two copies of the
Online DS-11 Damaged Passport Replacement Application Form.

A DS-64 Statement Form should automatically be generated upon completion of the DS-11 Replacement Application. If this form is not auto generated, complete and print two copies of the DS-64 - PDF version.

DS-11 Replacement Passport

  • Do not sign DS-11 replacement passport application until instructed to do so during the passport acceptance process.
    Hand filled applications are no longer acceptable.
  • All applicants must complete the Online DS-11 replacement passport application through the link State Department above.
  • All dates and signatures must be original and written be in black ink only. Copies of signatures and dates or those in colored ink or pencil are not acceptable.
  • The DS-11 replacement passport application must be printed on two separate pages. Replacement passport applications printed on the front and back of a single sheet are not acceptable.
  • The DS-11 application form must be submitted to the Department of State within 5 business days of the date you complete and seal your DS-11 application form.
Passport Agency Letter of Authorization Instructions

Letter of Passport Agency Authorization: A Completed & Signed Passport Agency Authorization Letter must be Submitted with your DS-11 Damaged US Passport Replacement ApplicationComplete, print, and sign two copies of the
Passport Agency Replacement Passport Authorization Letter.
Please read carefully and fill out completely to avoid issues or delays.

The Passport Agency letter of authorization allows us to:

  • speak and interact with the US Passport Agency as an agent on your behalf.
  • pick up and ship your new or updated passport upon completion.
Proof of Travel Requirements

Travel Itinerary: A Business Letter or Flight Itinerary is required as Proof of Travel for all DS-11 Damaged US Passport Application Submissions.A copy of your flight itinerary from your travel agent, airline or online booking company. This can be a print out of the confirmation email that you are emailed after booking a flight.

If traveling on business and no itinerary is available, you can instead provide a business letter which should:

  • be on company letterhead and signed by someone within the company other than the applicant.
  • clearly state the applicants name, dates of travel and purpose of the trip.

Important Note: For Same Day, 24-48 hour or 5-10 day processing, the proof of travel must show departure within the next 15 business days or 21 business days if a visa is needed.

Passport Acceptance Facility Instructions

Passport Acceptance Facility: All DS-11 Passport Applications must be properly executed at a Passport Acceptance Facility in order to Replace a United States Passport that has been damaged. Bring all above original replacement passport documents to a passport acceptance facility (Post Office / County Clerk / Public Library). Enter your zip code in the Passport Acceptance Facility Locator to find a location near to you. Notify the available passport acceptance agent that you will be using an expediting service to “hand carry” your rush replacement passport application.

You must appear before the acceptance agent to show your proof of identification. This can be a driver’s license (Learners Permits are not accepted), state ID, official government or military identification with a photograph. Identification presented should have an issued date of not less than 12 months from current date.

You will pledge an oath that you have faithfully and truthfully completed the application for a replacement passport. An execution fee of $25.00 will be charged and you will sign the passport application form in the presence of an agent who will witness your signature and legally seal the following items in an envelope:

  • One Passport Application Form DS-11
  • One Passport Form DS-64
  • One Passport Agency Authorization Letter
  • One Passport Photo
  • Proof of U.S. Citizenship (Original)
  • Proof of Identification (Copy)
  • Proof of Travel (Copy)
  • Check or Money Order for 170.00 (or 200.00 with card) made out
    to the “US Department of State”

Important Note:
Before going to the passport acceptance facility, you must either:

  • make copies of all required replacement passport documents in your shipment;
  • email or upload all required replacement passport documents to UVC for review.

If documents are not emailed/uploaded nor copies included in the shipment, UVC will be unable to process your damaged passport replacement application per State Department/Passport Agency Regulations!

Passport Agency Fee to Replace a Damaged US Passport

US Department of State Fees & Passport Agency Processing Times for Replacing Damaged United States Passports.The State Department fee to replace a damaged US Passport should be a check or money order made payable to “US Department of State” for:

  • Damaged Passport Replacement Fee (Adult): $170.00
  • Damaged Passport Replacement Fee (Minors under the age of 16): $140.00

If you would like both the passport card and the passport book, ensure to choose that option
on the DS-11 damaged passport application and add 30.00 (adult) or 20.00 (child) to the State Department fee above.

Please note there will be a separate fee made to the passport acceptance facility for 35.00.

Add the US Department of State fee to your total when placing your order.
(State Dept Fee + UVC Fee + Shipping)


US Visa Connection Fee to Replace a Damaged US Passport

US Visa Connection Fees & Passport Agency Processing Times for Replacing Damaged United States Passports.Include a check or money order payable to: US Visa Connection
authorize the amount when completing the replacement passport order form.

  • Same Day Rush Passport Fee: $199.00
  • 24-48 Hour Rush Passport Fee: $149.00
  • 5-10 Business Day Rush Passport Fee: $99.00

If you would like both the passport card and the passport book, ensure to choose that option
on the DS-11 damaged passport application and add 30.00 (adult) or 20.00 (child) to the State Department fee above.

Add the US Visa Connection fee to your total when placing your order.
(State Dept Fee + UVC Fee + Shipping)

Shipping Options & Fees

Shipping: Choose the desired method & Speed for the return of your New or Renewed US Passport.

US Visa Connection expedited passport service order form is for payment, shipping and contact information.

Return Shipping Options:

  • Fed Ex overnight – 38.00; “OR”
  • Fed Ex 2nd day – 28.00; “OR”
  • Same day shipping via domestic airline – 125.00; “OR”
  • Include a prepaid return envelope - 0.00;  “OR”
  • Provide a shipping acct number - 0.00.

Add the shipping fee to your total when placing your order.
(State Dept Fee + UVC Fee + Shipping)

Complete the Damaged Passport Replacement Order Form

The Damaged replacement passport order form provides us with your contact, payment, and return shipping information as well as the level of service needed to get replace your damaged passport in time to meet your intended travel date.

Complete, print, & sign the
Replacement Passport Order Form

Order & Ship

Ship your Damaged Passport Replacement Application Documents to:

US Visa Connection
510 Earls Court
Katy TX 77450 

Highly recommended applicants use FedEx priority overnight or UPS priority overnight to ship your documents to US Visa Connection. If you deadline is tight call please call ahead to ensure availability.

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